Fundraising & Incentives

Uptown Jungle Laveen: The Place to Be for Fundraising

Have FUN While Fundraising!

Want to raise money and have fun at the same time? Look no further! Uptown Jungle assists churches, schools, and charity organizations in fighting for a good cause!

Reach out to us and receive 35% of your group’s admissions!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Gift Card Fundraising

  1. Your group receives $20 gift cards
  2. They sell during 1-2 weeks
  3. You get 35% of the sales!

Event Fundraising

  1. Stop by our park and book your fundraiser.
  2. Send invitations to friends and family.
  3. You receive 35% of the admissions!

A current I9 or W4 as well as your Tax ID may be requested before you register for the fundraiser.

“Fun for 5”

Reap the benefits of our free bookmark incentive program
Are you a coach, teacher, or church leader searching for ways to motivate your kids with awards and activities? We can make it happen:

  • Request bookmarks from Uptown Jungle for each child
  • Choose five goals for the children to complete
  • Sign their bookmarks when they successfully complete their goals
  • Kids get an hour of FREE playtime by bringing the bookmarks to Uptown Jungle!