5 Essential Attractions in Trampoline Parks

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Keeping kids entertained is one of the most important and demanding jobs of a parent. If you’re thinking about taking your child to a trampoline park near Laveen, AZ, make sure to research your options and decide what to look for. There’s a great number of places to choose from, but you should opt for the one that has a diverse range of attractions so your little one doesn’t get bored easily. 

If you’d like to learn what attractions every indoor trampoline park should have, keep reading this article.

What attractions should an indoor trampoline park have?

When booking a jumping session inside a trampoline park, you probably don’t think of all the other attractions that await you there. A park like this offers a variety of options and is a great source of entertainment during the winter months. Before you give your children grip socks and arrive at your indoor trampoline park of choice, let’s take a look at what it should offer:

1. Air floor

This is an air-filled floor that allows for a variety of tricks and stunts you can’t find on regular fields and courts. Your little ones can simply jump and practice some acrobatic moves, or play basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, or soccer on this springy court. Children especially like options with air dodgeball where they avoid balls while flying through the air.

2. Obstacle course

Even children like that rush feeling when weaving through obstacles, climbing, and jumping from object to object. Your little challengers will maneuver through the various obstacles and test their capabilities. From slack lines to climbing walls, the possibilities are endless. This is an activity that will remind your children of a very popular American Ninja Warrior Competition.

3. Spider tower

Thanks to its special design, this is one of the favorite attractions in an indoor trampoline park. It consists of a tower structure with several layers of elastic bands with a bottom layer made of a trampoline mat. The correct way of using an attraction like this is to stand with the back against the elastic bands and have hands crossed behind the neck while falling freely through the structure.

4. Climbing walls

Another essential structure at a trampoline park is wall climbing. It’s an attraction that includes climbing walls of different levels. They can fit different ages, heights, and abilities of your little ones, and offer a diverse range of themes and designs for maximum entertainment. Your kids will test their agility and experience the feeling of excitement when they reach the planned spot.

5. Foam pit

Another, less usual option you can find inside an indoor trampoline park, is jumping from a trampoline into a big fit filled with blocks made of foam. Your little friends can practice tricks and flips while having safe landing areas underneath them. 

what-attractions-should-an-indoor-trampoline-park-haveWhere can I find an entertaining trampoline park near Laveen, AZ?

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